Is there any commitment if I register and contact you?

No, absolutely not. Neither your nor ours. The registration works as a declaration of interest on your part. When we answer back that´s our own declaration of interest. After that we will both undergo a negotiating and mutual knowledge process. In the end we can both agree to join our efforts or not. No problem whatsoever in any case. We are sure that in the worst case we will have learn a lot from the mutual experience.

Can you tell me exactly what types of partnership you can sign ?

Yes, of course we can.

Distributor or Reseller Agreements: Partnerships that are suitable for companies that operate in the industry sectors for which we have CAD systems and that wish to enlarge their offering to this type of products.

Agent or Referral Partnership Agreements: Partnerships that are suitable for independent professionals that want to sell CAD systems but do not have the structure to provide technical or training support. A referral Partner is a specific type of agreement which is a variation of the agent agreement. In this case you only provide the identification and the “open door” to a specific deal.

Training and Educational Partners: If you want your school to use our software in very special conditions than this type of partnerships is the most adequate for your case. You can expect to have up to 100% discount in certain cases.

Integration Partners: If you design software or hardware solutions for the industries in which we operate (or similar to those) it is possible to design a partnership program for your specific case.

Consultant Partners: For consultants that want to incorporate our software in a recommended solution we have designed special partnership programs that will give you the access to the information needed to best serve your clients, now and in the future.

Research Partners: If you are a technological center or a university and you look for a partner in research Mind is particularly well positioned to establish a partnership having countless years of experience in such types of projects.

Of course these profiles in some cases are not mutually exclusive. They are listed and explained one by one so that you can better understand the full scope of our partnership programs.

What are your margins for Resellers, Agents, Consultants, Integrators?

Margins depend on the specifics of the partnership we will agree upon. In general terms we are confident that you will find out that the margins we negotiate are fair and very competitive in comparison with normal market practices.

Do you make exclusivity contracts?

As a rule of thumb the quick answer is No. However there are exceptions to the rule and in some cases, they do make sense or are even mandatory given the nature of the partnership. This is something that will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

I have not found in your list my specific case. Can I make a specific proposal?

Of course. There is always extra space for new ideas.