Program details

We've structured our Partner Program to meet the needs of resellers and referral partners.

Just start here, and we'll contact you directly. Our qualification process is quick and painless. Once approved, we'll forward a partner agreement for your signature and return. After we receive your signed agreement, we will complete your on-boarding process.

A program just for you

Your company has good access to the markets for which we supply software? Reselling our products will be a good way to generate additional revenue.

You are an independent individual agent and want to sell our software but can´t provide support? You can be our partner and offer your client base top-class software and support.

You want to incorporate our product in your software solution or to propose our software as a way to implement a recommendation of a consultancy report? We are happy to provide specific help to system integrators and consultants.

You are a school and want to have specific conditions to your students? We welcome educational partners.

You want to start a technological or research project and want to add a partner with experience in transferring the project to the industry or help in specific development areas related to our core expertise? We have outstanding track record on that type of venture and welcome these partnerships.

Next steps

If you choose to take the next step which is to contact us, with no obligation or commitment other than your  vested interest, you will certainly  end up being our partner.

Do not worry if the software technological field is strange to you. That´s the reason why we supply training as part of our on-boarding program. This training encompasses all aspects of a software sale, from the technical to the commercial and marketing aspects, or any other aspect that is relevant to your specific case.

You will also have access to comprehensive marketing and sales materials. These are available online after the  partnership contract is signed.

No partners are alike and because of that we do have several types of partnerships. We are confident that at least one of them fits your profile. If it does not than if it makes sense for both of us, we will create one custom made. After all we are in the age of mass customization, are we not?

Just contact us to know more. We really want to know you!